Pandemic Flu

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 The Asian Partnership against Pandemic Flu (APAPF) Prevention and Pandemic Flu Preparedness Guide is a valuable resource that can assist you and your organization to better understand pandemic flu, how to prepare in case pandemic flu occurs, and how to prevent the spread of prevent or limit the spread of pandemic flu. It's appropriate to think of this guide as an index of sorts; it is meant to be a comprehensive, accessible, and useful to a wide spectrum of people.

The Asian Health Coalition created this particular guide, meant to serve as a compilation of relevant resources. The goal of this guide is to engage the community in pandemic flu planning and preparedness. Included are such things as definitions, explanations, instructions, and background on a variety of topics that are essential for pandemic flu preparedness.

This web-based resource will serve as a centralized repository for community-based organizations (CBOs) throughout Illinois to access specific Asian-language materials about pandemic flu. This is important due to the lack of materials outlining clear, consistent and unified messages during inter-pandemic or pandemic periods for Asian populations.

This resource is intended to be relevant to any individual or organization that is involved in creating, maintaining, or evaluating pandemic flu preparedness.

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