A pandemic can occur in many localities and even worldwide almost simultaneously. Although much of the planning for a pandemic rests on the shoulders of state and local governments, local communities can play a vital role in preparedness planning activities that delay or slow the impact of a pandemic and reduce the spread of disease until a vaccine is available!

The Asian Partnership Against Pandemic Flu (APAPF) website is the first Asian-language pandemic preparedness resource created in collaboration by the Asian Health Coalition, Cambodian Association of Illinois, Korean American Cultural Center and World Relief of Aurora. While the information around coordination with the state and county is geared towards Illinois residents, readers can still make use of the free community pandemic planning toolkits and resource guides.

Family Wellness

Health care disparities continue to exist in the United States among underserved populations, which include ethnic minorities, people in lower socioeconomic groups, lower educational and reading levels, rural areas and seniors. Health information technology is a vital tool in improving health care access and delivery and allowing community based organizations to engage in culturally competent outreach and education for the underserved and vulnerable populations in Illinois. 

The APAPF partners are grateful to the Illinois Department of Public Health for making this initiative possible.


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